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Drive the advancement and adoption of post-quantum cryptography.

The alliance seeks to address cryptographic security challenges posed by quantum computing by producing high-assurance software implementations of standardized algorithms and supporting the continued development and standardization of new post-quantum algorithms with software for evaluation and prototyping.


PQCA Projects

Projects under the Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance are “production track” or “experimental track” which will inform goals, requirements, and processes.

Open Quantum Safe

Open Quantum Safe (OQS) project aims to support the development and prototyping of quantum-resistant cryptography.

PQ Code Package

Creating and maintaining high-assurance implementations of standards-track post-quantum cryptography algorithms.

Host a Project

PQCA provides a neutral home and wants to engage and host various technical projects to support its objectives.

Getting Started


PQCA members are essential to the success of the Foundation and are instrumental in steering the alliance direction.


To be successful, PQCA needs community members like you to contribute code, get involved, and help spread the word.

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